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To nurture the next
generation of affordable
housing leaders.


Our History

The David Reznick Foundation is a tribute to David's major contributions to affordable housing and community development. David's passion for helping others shaped his career, his family, and his social action.  He loved to connect people to others and with opportunities that would help them accomplish their goals.  David's belief in success through collaboration is instilled in the mission and activities of the Foundation.


Created in 2015 as a subsidiary of a former community development corporation pioneered by David, Mark Einstein, and Peter Bell, the Foundation works to increase the impact and duration of housing initiatives and community revitalization efforts. Our creed follows David's ideal of putting people first in meeting the housing and service needs of a community. Our current focus is on creating and supporting mentorship programs, in recognition of the many ways that David himself was a mentor that supported and guided others. 

"We honor affordable housing visionary David Reznick by mentoring the “next Davids,” whose commitment and passion for innovative solutions to community development powers the affordable housing industry forward."

The following video, from HAND's 2013 Annual Meeting & Housing Expo, continues to serve as a tribute to David's lifelong - and lasting - impact. David received the President's Award for Lifetime Achievement in recognition of his nearly 40 years leading industry-changing financing strategies that have helped create thriving communities and homes for families with low-incomes, nationwide.

Our Core Values


We have a duty to send the elevator back down and help those who come after us, because the future lies in the hands of the next generation.


When you love what you do, success is sure to follow. We put our heart into every one of our own goals, and the goals of the people we serve.


David was committed to serving
those in need. By nurturing communities across the country, we work to create the world that David saw was possible.


We keep our eyes on the future but draw our roots from the past. David Reznick’s vision for the world fuels everything we do and we’re proud to carry on his legacy.


Greatness is achieved together. When we combine our strengths, we unlock limitless potential.


We measure success by working for what’s right and doing it the right way. We stand for what we believe in and back up our words with action.

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