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Academic Opportunity

The David Reznick Foundation believes in the ability of education to change lives. Numerous studies show that more education leads to higher lifetime wages and greater overall success. With this in mind, The David Reznick Foundation aims to make higher education more accessible, with an emphasis on those pursuing a career in affordable housing and community development. Through academic scholarships, we strive to aid those in pursuit of a better future.

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The US Census Bureau found that high school graduates working full-time, year-round earned USD $1.3 million less over their lifetime than individuals with a college degree.  

Check out some of our success stories:

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We partner with universities like the University of Maryland and the University of Baltimore to provide scholarships to students in financial need, who are also pursuing degrees in Business or Accounting and have expressed an interest in a career in affordable housing. These scholarships are aimed at making education more accessible to the future leaders of the housing industry. Read about our latest scholarship recipients.

University Scholarships


We provide equity, mentorship and other support to emerging developers in the affordable housing industry, helping them to develop new projects and build capacity to develop future deals. Meet some of the rising stars of the affordable housing industry.

Support for Emerging Developers

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