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David Reznick Foundation Renewed Support, in 2022-2023 Term, for Univ. of MD Public Policy Students

Furthering its mission of nurturing the next generation of affordable housing leaders, during the 2022-2023 term, the David Reznick Foundation (DRF) was proud to renew its support for the Student Scholarship/Internship Program Fund of the University of Maryland School of Public Policy, supporting two students working in the affordable housing space.

Scholarships were awarded to Austin Peterson and Sean Stewart, who completed 2022 summer internships with the National Housing Trust, which brings development, lending, policy, energy solutions and resident services together to preserve and modernize affordable housing.

Upon receiving his grant, Austin (pictured left) shared the following thoughts with us: “My impetus for attending the University of Maryland arose from my studies of architecture and their deep rooted policies—many being systematically racist and offering little respite from climate change. Choosing the University of Maryland was a great decision; I am now very near to where real policy changes occur and am meeting numerous people who will help me reach my goals of advancing to the profession of architecture and the built environment.

As a student at the University of Maryland, I am completing a Masters of Public Policy and a Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Leadership. This year I have elected to join the Policy Student Government Association, where I will be working to provide more social, professional, and academic events to the students in the School of Public Policy. The scholarship also allowed me to complete an internship with the National Housing Trust.

Throughout this experience, I focused on the impacts that BIPOC developers have on creating affordable housing. The funding you have provided me will help me continue my education and pursue my passions to a greater extent. Following graduation at the end of this academic year, I hope to work in the nonprofit sector influencing community housing, design standards, and local development practices in architecture. I sincerely appreciate your support and look forward to this upcoming year.”

Our second scholarship recipient, Sean (pictured right), described himself as “a lifelong Marylander.”

He shared: “The pandemic demonstrated that dated, thoughtless, and counterproductive policy is wasteful and, at times, hurtful to many people. This combination of factors pushed me to pursue a career in public policy full-time.

I have learned more about the policy process, how to construct it, and the concerns policymakers must have to execute it efficiently. The attention to detail was certainly true regarding my research at the National Housing Trust.

Heat pumps are a new technology that provide emissionless heating, but so many mechanisms for their implementation are failing. One policy area that could drive this change forward is utility schedules. My research as an intern specifically focused on how bigger cities could use utility schedules to push heat pumps into more communities. When I graduate this spring, I plan to do similar work around housing, energy, and other areas that need a radical shift in thinking in these unprecedented times. I am very grateful for the support given to me to learn more about the field I want to pursue.”

A box reading "We are pleased to report that both Austin and Sean graduated this year with a Master of Public Policy and a Certificate of Nonprofit Management and Leadership."

“Austin and Sean are well on their way to contributing to the field of housing and community development said David Reznick Foundation Board member Michael Bodaken. “In helping to fund these students' dreams and ambitions, we are honored to have played a small part in their career development.”


From revitalizing communities to mentoring the leaders of tomorrow, the David Reznick Foundation creates long-term progress within the affordable housing industry by facilitating opportunities for individuals and organizations alike. For more information visit

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