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DRF Renews Support for Univ. of MD School of Real Estate Development Master’s Students

During the 2023-2024 term, the David Reznick Foundation (DRF) funded scholarships for two Real Estate Development (RED) master’s program students at the University of Maryland School of Architecture, Preservation and Planning. Angie Malca Llanos and Julian Olin each received $2,500.


Maryland’s Real Estate Development Program at the Colvin Institute of Real Estate Development offers a highly flexible, personalized, and interdisciplinary curriculum, real-world project work, mentorship, and professional opportunities that align with the program’s “quadruple bottom line” projects that are financially feasible, environmentally respectful, socially responsible, and sustainably designed.

Angie (pictured above) shared, “Your confidence in me inspires me to strive for excellence in my studies and to make the most of the educational journey ahead. I believe that education is a powerful tool for personal growth and societal progress, and I am determined to use the opportunities provided by this scholarship to make a difference in my community and beyond.


Once again, thank you for your support, which has not only lightened my financial load but also strengthened my resolve to succeed. I am immensely grateful for your investment in my future.”

Julian (pictured above) is applying his scholarship to the Real Estate Development portion of a dual RED/MBA degree. His path began as a structural engineer, but—driven by his desire to have a more direct impact on the “bigger picture” —he subsequently transitioned to the owner/developer side of the commercial real estate industry.

To further enrich his understanding of the industry, Julian has been actively engaged in various aspects of the University of Maryland’s program, including serving as an active member of the Society of Real Estate Development Club (SoRED) and taking advantage of the Colvin Institute's lecture series, featuring distinguished speakers such as former Mayor Anthony Williams.


He shared, “I am committed to leveraging this educational experience to contribute to, and progress further into, the commercial real estate development industry. I look forward to a future where I can hopefully pay forward this kindness and support future students in their educational pursuits.”


“David understood and shared the sentiment Angie expressed, about how powerfully education can impact not only individual students, but also society more broadly,” said David Reznick Foundation Board member Michael Bodaken. “By contributing to their educations, we are honored to play this small part in supporting these future affordable housing leaders.”



The David Reznick Foundation creates long-term progress within the affordable housing industry by mentoring the leaders of tomorrow, facilitating opportunities for individuals and organizations alike. For more information visit

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