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DRF Awards the First of Eight Planned Scholarships to Bowie State University Accounting Students

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

In its continuing mission to support the educational and career goals of our affordable housing leaders of the future, the David Reznick Foundation (DRF) announced the recipients of four Bowie State University (BSU) Accounting Scholarships for the academic year 2022-2023. These awards are part of what will ultimately be a grant to eight students in total; the remaining scholarships will be announced shortly.

Ibiyemi James
Ibiyemi James

Ibiyemi James (pictured above) began her Accounting career in fall 2016. “Since then it has been financially challenging,” she explained, “which is one of the reasons why I had to enroll as a part-time student. Being a part-time student is the only way I can afford to pay for my tuition fees, especially if I want to continue with my education. which is also why it is taking me longer to graduate.”

“Before the scholarship award,” Ibiyemi added, “I had planned on taking only three classes for next semester not because I wanted to but because I could not afford to take more classes. But with this scholarship money, I can take an extra class which will allow me to be a step closer to graduating. I would like to thank the entire David Reznick Foundation for this scholarship award. I am so excited and thankful.”

scholarship winner Saniya Jones
Saniya Jones

“This scholarship is assisting me in reaching my educational goals by helping me pay for the books needed for me to be successful in all five of my courses this fall and spring semesters,” said Saniya Jones. “Due to recent changes, the athletic department no longer covers student-athletes’ books, therefore, the scholarship will be a tremendous help in the purchasing of books so I can fully focus on my studies without having to worry about how much of my personal money I must spend.”

Saniya added, “This scholarship is also assisting me in reaching my career goals by putting me a step-ahead with finding the right materials that will allow me to be most successful in the classes that help drive my career knowledge.”

Scholarship winner Madison Rogers
Madison Rogers

Madison Rogers (pictured above) shared: “This scholarship will assist me in reaching my educational and career goals by relieving me of my financial burden. The scholarship will help pay for my tuition for this academic year; thus, allowing me to finish my junior year of college. Also, this scholarship allows me to focus on my classwork, without worrying about how I will be able to attend college.”

“Once I obtain my Bachelor's degree,” Madison added, “I plan on continuing my education to obtain my Master's degree. Once I obtain my Master's degree I plan on taking the CPA Exam. This scholarship is putting me closer to reaching my goals.”

Scholarship recipient Talisa Watson
Talisa Watson

I am a first-generation American coming from a divorced home where both my parents are immigrants from Jamaica,” Talisa Watson (pictured above) explained. “While I am not the first in my family to achieve or pursue a bachelor's degree it is still a difficult process of which I am not having much guidance. My goal is to decrease the loans I owe by the time I graduate because I will be in school for a while to get a bachelor's degree in accounting and to achieve the 150 credits (30 credits extra) to be CPA eligible. Furthermore, I am already sitting on loans worth more than $17,000 and I am just a rising senior. My mother, whom I admire, is my main support system not only financially but emotionally. I do not want to put more of a burden on her to provide money so I can achieve higher education. This scholarship is very important to me as it lightens the weight of debt on my shoulders. I am a well-rounded college student maintaining a GPA of 3.96 and engaged in two College of Business organizations.”

Talisa, who is interning for her second summer with Ernst & Young LLP and plans to work there full-time when she graduates, added, “To have as successful a career as I want, I need my CPA to go further in the company. I have kept my grades up and I plan to graduate with a GPA above 3.5 with the necessary credits to become eligible for the CPA. I plan to graduate with my undergraduate degree and then start studying for the four-part exam to hopefully pass all the tests under the 18-month window. I strive to have a great life full of happiness and wealth for myself and my family. To begin this journey, I am trying my best now not to accept any more loans. Hence why I am excited to be receiving this scholarship and am thankful to David Reznick Foundation.”


“On behalf of the entire DRF board, we wish these talented and committed students the very best, both in their current studies and future careers in affordable housing,” said DRF Board member Russell Phillips. “We have no doubt that their efforts will impact many, and that David Reznick would be as impressed with—and proud of—them as we are.”


The David Reznick Foundation is a tribute to David's major contributions to affordable housing and community development. We honor his legacy by nurturing growing communities and mentoring the housing leaders of tomorrow.

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